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Top Ten in Games This Week!

Gamer's Listen up!

It’s unbelievable how many games we’ve got at! There’s first-person shooter, fighting, and my personal favorite, karaoke, but even that list doesn’t do what we’ve got justice.Make sure you click your way to to see all of our games. 

At #10 we’ve got a game that combines puzzles and fantasy. In, “Samantha Swift,”you’ll have to travel the world and collect artifacts as you search for roses for a shield. It’s an adventure that you don’t want to miss.

Race down the track and cross the finish line first in #9- ModNation Racers . This gaming interface is pretty sweet and you can create everything from the track to your character and even your go-kart; check it out- before the race starts.

Herbert the polar bear is back for revenge in “#9, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force 2 .” Herbert will need your help to survive- since he still can’t swim! I mean- a polar bear? Who can’t swim? You’ve gotta see this!

Play “R.U.S.E .” and fight in a war of perception. Gather intelligence, command units, and hone your combat skills as you go head-to-head with others in this multi-player strategy game that’s at #7.

After not getting an invite to a friends Birthday bash this bear is out for revenge and needs your help to deceive his friends and search for left-over party favors in our #6. It’s, “Naughty Bear .”  

We’ve got a leading first-person shooter game at #5, it’s, “Sniper: Ghost Warrior .” This game features long-range sniping as well as close combat so you’ll be able topractice and perfect your aim.

Michael Thornton has been cast out by his government and he needs your help in #4. Travel from safe house to safe house and engage in close combat when you play. It’s, “Alpha Protocol ,” from ‘Sega.’

The world is hungry for answers from Naked Snake in, “Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker .” The truth behind his legend will finally be told level-by-level as you go up in game play. Uncover the legend behind it all in our #3.

Rock out and play along to your favorite Green Day hits like ‘Hitchin’ a Ride,’ with #2. Featuring songs from the band’s early days their most recent smash hits, this game screams rock. It’s, “Green Day: Rock Band .”

Check out #1 and tee off for your chance at the trophy. You’ll complete against top golfers like Tiger Woods and play with other gamers to improve your chances of nabbing the trophy in, “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 "

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Labor Day Sale at!

Labor Day Sale!


Toshiba Notebook- Intel Processor 540, 15.4", 2048MB, 120GB, DVD±RW  

(±R DL), DVD-RAM, Card Reader, Intel GMA X3100 Dynamic Video Memory   

Technology 4.0, Vista Home Premium (Factory Refurbished)  

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New - Factory Sealed   

Digital Lifestyles 42" Widescreen LCD HDTV ATSC/QAM/NTSC (2) HDMI / HD Tuner LCDTV  

1-Year Warranty  

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Kingston 4GB DataTraveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive 

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Casio EX-S880RD 8.1MP Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.8" LCD  

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8GB Apple iPod Touch Style MP4/MP3 Player 2.8" Touch Screen (Refurbished)  

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16GB Apple iPod TouchStyle MP4/MP3 Player 2.8" Touch Screen (Refurbished)  

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Apple iPod Classic 160GB Black Digital Music/Photo/Video Player (Refurbished)    

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Apple 30GB iPod Video 5th Gen. (BLACK) – Refurbished  

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Fantom GreenDrive 500GB USB 2.0 and eSATA External Hard Drive -  

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Apple iPod Nano 3rd Gen. 8GB Video (Black) - Refurbished   

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Samsung DVD-V9800 DVD/VCR Combo Player w/ 1080p Up-Conversion  

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Apple iPod Classic 80GB Silver Digital Music/Photo/Video Player (Refurbished)   

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Slingbox PRO-HD™

Watching live television wherever you go is completely possible today with the award-winning gadget known as Slingbox. 


This breakthrough device enables you to watch and control your living room television programming from anywhere by turning your Internet-connected laptop, desktop, PDA, or SmartPhone into a personal television.


Slingbox is one of the hottest pieces of technology ever to come to market and here is the latest addition to the Sling family – Slingbox PRO-HD.


The Slingbox PRO-HD is newest member of the Slingbox family and is in essence – The ULTIMATE SLINGBOX.  Slingbox PRO-HD will be the first Slingbox and for that matter the first “placeshifting” device that will be able to stream HD programming in TRUE HD. This is important because previous Slingbox products supported an HD component input (PRO and SOLO), but down converted the high definition source to standard definition resolution which was then transmitted around the home to a PC or Mac or outside of the home to a remote device. While a customer had access to all of his/her high definition programming, legacy Slingboxes did not stream TRUE HD either around the home or to a remote computer. This is all changed with Slingbox PRO-HD.  For existing Slingbox customers, who know and love the product and understand the value of placeshifting, Slingbox PRO-HD represents a huge upgrade over all previous Slingboxes. What’s really exciting, with a fast enough broadband internet connection (upload speeds of 1.5 to 2.0 Mbps), Slingbox PRO-HD customers can now stream HD programming outside of the home to a remote computer or laptop.


Slingbox PRO-HD is the perfect companion for your HD DVR, cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player. With the ability to watch and control your favorite TV source, the Slingbox SOLO ensures that you can enjoy your HD TV entertainment – anywhere. With a Slingbox PRO-HD, you will never be separated from your favorite TV shows or sports events again. All with NO MONTHLY FEES.

Slingbox PRO-HD allows three distinct audio video sources for all of your home theatre devices.


You can connect one high definition (HD) device using component cables for video and even get 5.1 channel surround sound with the new digital audio input. Perfect for your cable or satellite HD set top box.


One standard definition (SD) device using s video or composite video and audio cables – like a DVD player, Media center or even a surveillance camera.


And with the built-in ATSC/NTSC Tuner, you can now take all of the new HD over the air programming with you.  Plus with QAM support, even your digital cable channels are accessible without the need for a cable box or cable card.


Something this cool has got to be hard to set up, right? Not at all!  Slingbox PRO-HD is easy to use and set up.  Simply plug your appropriate video sources to the Slingbox, connect the Slingbox to your broadband Internet router, install the SlingPlayer software on your PC and the automatic device discovery and a setup wizard will walk you through the process step-by-step. With over 5000 devices supported, you can go from zero to Slinging fairly quickly.


If your TV isn’t near your Internet Connection, No Problem.  The SlingLink Turbo is a simple plug and play solution that utilizes your existing electrical wiring to extend your internet connection in another location all using your power outlets on the wall.

The Slingbox PRO-HD will also be released with NEW SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows software which includes some cool new features -  an integrated programming guide and a video buffer.


The Electronic Program Guide – Quickly scan all of your available channels, including favorites, plus lists 7 days worth of programming at a glance. Plus, you can customize the guide to access your favorite channels with a click of your mouse.


The video buffer allows customers who may not have a DVR to pause and rewind live TV. Even customers who have a DVR will find the video buffer feature a useful tool to navigate within a program without affecting the video playback at home.


Plus watching any of your Slingboxes has never been easier with Sling Accounts which allows you access all of your settings and Slingboxes on any PC


If you have a Slingbox or an HDTV, the Slingbox PRO-HD is the Ultimate Device to watch all of your shows anywhere on your laptop or even mobile phone.


One more thing...when combined with a SlingCatcher, Slingbox PRO-HD will stream your living room television to either another TV in the home or to a remote TV.  All with no Monthly Fees.


Coming Soon to

Weekly Deals at!

Weekly Deals at!                                 

65" HDTV LCD TV 1080P65" HDTV LCD TV 1080P
SAVE $3,400.00  
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $2,599.99 
List price: $5,999.99    
Gateway P-6836 Notebook - Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo, 17" Ultrabright
WXGA+, 2048MB, 250GB, 8x Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD+/-RW, Wireless
LAN, Vista Home Premium (Factory Refurbished)   
SAVE $470.00  
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $529.99    
List price: $999.99    
SAVE $90.00 
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $169.99 (expires 8/29/08)     
List price: $259.99     
Acer Widescreen 22" LCD Monitor
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $196.99  

Western Digital 160GB My Passport Essential USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive 
SAVE $25.00 
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $74.99    
List price: $99.99   
Kingston 4GB DataTraveler 110 USB 2.0 Flash DriveKingston 4GB DataTraveler 110 USB 2.0 Flash Drive - External 
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FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $13.99  
List price: $26.00    


$20.00 Mail-in Rebate  
$199.99 After Rebate price: $219.99  
List price: $359.00   

SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Gator USB 2.0 Flash Drive
SAVE $52.00 
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $17.99  
List price: $69.99   

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000  
$20.00 Mail-in Rebate  
$54.99 After Rebate price: $74.99 
List price: $99.99    

ASUS Eee PC 901 12G XP - 8.9" Screen w / Atom CPU, Built-in Camera,
12G SSD - Fine Ebony - Windows XP Home Preloaded     

$50.00 Mail-in Rebate    
$524.95 After Rebate price: $574.95  
List price: $599.99    

Dane-Elec 4GB microSDHC micro Secure Digital High Capacity Card
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $15.99   

Brother HL-2140 Compact, Personal Laser PrinterBrother HL-2140 Compact, Personal Laser Printer 
$20.00 Mail-in Rebate  
$49.99 After Rebate price: $69.99    
List price: $199.99   

Garmin nuvi 270 - 3.5" GPS w/ Preloaded US and Europe Maps   
SAVE $457.85   
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $184.99  
List price: $642.84        

Top Seller  
Garmin StreetPilot c550 GPS Navigation System w/ TTS & Bluetooth
SAVE 72% 
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $139.99  
List price: $499.99   

Top Seller  
Kingston 16GB DataTraveler 100 Flash Drive 
SAVE $27.05     
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $49.95   
List price: $77.00      

D-Link 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub
$10.00 Mail-in Rebate  
$16.50 After Rebate price: $26.50   
List price: $39.99    

Canon MP530 Advanced All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer
SAVE $90.00  
FREE BUDGET SHIPPING price: $89.99  
List price: $179.99     

Spore, for your PC or Mac - Top Game Picks for this Week

Have you ever wanted to create your own species of life forms? Then look no further than Spore, for your PC or Mac. Start out just as a microscopic cell and eventually end up with a fully fledged civilization of your unique creation. Due out in nationwide in September, I’m sure everyone who plays it will grow to love it. But without further adieu, here are my picks that are already making buzz......


You're shipwrecked on a deserted island! With only a handful of seeds it's up to you to tame the land and make the island prosper. #10 is sure to make you smile. It’s “Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness” for the Nintendo DS

Adventure, fun, and drama await and the Sims’s lives will never be the same! Living it up at #9 is “SIMS 2 Apartment Life” for your PC

Shown in amazing 720p HD graphics, new and classic characters fight in a revamped battle system. Slashing into #8 is “SoulCalibur IV” for PS3 and Xbox 360.

A gripping tale of a young hero on a quest for justice, trust and friendship filled with unexpected twists and turns at every step. Sweeping into #7 is “Tales of Vesperia” for Xbox 360

Become the player you always wanted to be with the ability to combine the skills from your favorite pros into one character. Smashing into #6 is “Smash Court Tennis 3” on Xbox 360

Tanks, boats, luxury automobiles, you name it; you can have it in real time. Build Your Own Private Military Company with #4 “Mercenaries 2: world in flames” For Xbox 360, PS2 and PC

The most authentic and adaptable game in sports video game history. Tackling our #3 spot is “Madden NFL 09” for DS, PSP, PS2&3, Wii, Xbox & 360

As the Cybernetic God Baldur, you get thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind.  Ruling  #3  is “Too Human” for Xbox 360

Build an all star roster of your favorite Mario characters each with unique personalities and abilities. Swinging into #2 is “Mario Super Sluggers” for the Nintendo Wii

"Tiger Woods' Coach is Now Your Coach!" Assess your skills and find your inner Tiger. Inspired from the #1 player in the world our #1 pick is “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09  for Wii, 360, PS2&3, PSP.

So be honest, how long did you wait outside that electronics store or game shop for your Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 or a new game release? Was it raining? 20 degrees below 0? Don’t put yourself through that ever again. has all of the newest and hottest games for every system right at your fingertips. You can even pre-order video games so they arrive at your door on release day. Just pick, click and let the games begin. Heck, we’ve even got free shipping!


Create Mega Memories with Megapixels!

Panasonics Lumix LX2 predecessor, the LX3 breaks the trend of most point and shoot cameras by not increasing the megapixels in it’s latest model. They’re keeping the 10 megapixel resolution and, instead, will increase its sensitivity 40% and saturation 35%. And on top of that, a 24mm ultra-wide angle lens.  Hmmm, definitely one to check out! And now, on to the Top Ten Camera picks for this week!


This lens is designed with image stabilizer technology while retaining compactness and lightness. Canon’s EF-S 55-250MM telephoto zoom lens at #10


The fashionable,10.1 megapixel camera offers a host of high performance features in a compact body. Our number #9 belongs to The Casio Exilim Z1080


Be prepared to capture that elusive moment anytime, anywhere with the ‘SC-MX10 memory camcorder’ from Samsung. Coming in at #8


Get steadier looking footage with this lightweight tripod. Its two-way pan head lets you follow the action in all directions. #7 is Sony’s VCT-R640 floor standing tripod


Would you like simple operation and enough features to step forward creatively? If so, then get to know the Nikon D60 10MP digital SLR camera at #6


# 5 allows you to take your creativity to the next level without using a computer. It’s the Epson Stylus photo RX595 all-in-one printer .


Get the best-in-class choice for a 7 mega pixel camera with perfect touch technology. #4 brings us the KODAK EASYSHARE Z712


At just 0.07 ounces, #3 is perfect for cameras and camcorders on the go. It’s the Dane-Elec 2GB SD card.


This sleek, stylish digital camera features 8.0 mp, face recognition, shake reduction and a sliding lens cover for extra protection. #2 is ’Pentax Optio Z10


My #1 pick will really get your creative juices flowing. With a high resolution 8.0 Megapixel CCD, 4x Optical Zoom with an exclusive UA lens, it’s the Canon PowerShot SD850



As we all know, a camera is only as good as the amount of memory you have onboard. Whether your camera takes Compact Flash, Memory Stick, XD or SD cards, you’ll find them all, along with every top brand of camera, everyday at We have what you need to capture life’s great moments!

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Make way for the new Optimus Pultius! Plus New Tech Picks

Do you remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard that uses programmable LED displays for the keys? Well, make way for the new Optimus Pultius. A15-key LED pad to be used as an add-on to your Maximus or normal existing keyboard. It’s not due out until the end of 2008, but let’s look at what’s available now on BuyTV's Top Ten in Tech countdown.

Bringing over-the-air high definition digital TV to your PC, “Hauppauge winTV-HVR-1600 internal hybrid TV tuner/video recorder, media center kit “ comes in at #10

The Cavalry CADB series is a storage expansion solution that delivers a high quality product for an incredible value. # 9 is “Cavalry 2tb USB 2.0 external hard drive “ An elegant monitor that feels more like artwork than a high-performance office tool.

The ‘Samsung T220 toc-touch of color 22" LCD monitor’ is our #8 pick. Revolutionize your PC gaming experience with faster frame rates realistic sound effects.

Creative sound blaster x-fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty professional series’at #7. The worlds first nForce SLI certified kits designed for gaming performance on nvidia motherboards. It’s ‘EVGA Geforce GTX 280 1GB supported video card’

in 6th The worlds first nForce SLI certified kits designed for gaming performance on nvidia motherboards. ‘OCZ 4gb kit ddr2 800mhz pc2-6400 SLI- ready edition’ in 5th

# 4’s instantaneous battery backup ensures against brownouts and blackouts & high-voltage surge protection keeps hardware and data safe. It’s ‘Back-UPS CS 350VA’ from APC.

With its best-in-class efficiency and greater performance and stability, the “CORSAIR HX 1000W ATX12V POWER SUPPLY” takes our #3 spot Get the edge you need for intense online gaming.

High-quality audio in a design that stays comfortable for hours. #2 is Logitech’s “extreme PC gaming headset

And obliterating the competition at #1 is the evolution of the best-selling award-winning design with “The Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case” from Antec.

Our Top Ten Tech countdown continues to provide the inside scoop on what’s hot right now. There has never been an easier way to keep up with the latest tech than right here on Be the first among your friends to own the latest external hard drive or the sleekest HD monitor. Bragging rights are just a click away.


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Girls are Gamers Too!

Here’s an interesting fact, according to a resent demographic study from the Entertainment Software Association, 40% of gamers in the United States are women. That’s right boys, watch out. The odds for you to get beat “by a girl” have just increased. YES!

Amazing Animations, Incredible double plays, diving catches, and even home-run-robbing wall catches! "MLB POWER PROS 2008" starts us off at #10 for the Wii, PS2 and DS

#9 collects multiple quick and addictive games that are easy to pick up and play and hard to put away. It’s "

Powered behind groundbreaking gameplay controls and unique college-style animations, NCAA Football 09 arrives on campus at #8 for Wii, PS2&3, PSP & Xbox 360


Providing the ultimate next generation experience to flex its graphical muscles as it was meant to be enjoyed. #7 is "SOULCALIBUR IV" for PS3 & Xbox 360

With detailed environments, animation and an artistic style so good, it’s like playing a cartoon "
TALES OF VESPERIA" at #6 for the Xbox 360.

A unique 2D puzzle/action platform game where the player inhabits a ninja trapped in a world of well-meaning, inadvertently homicidal robots. #5 is “N+” on the Nintendo DS.

Square off with characters from the history of Nintendo where anything can happen. Engage the rage with #4’s “Super Smash Bros. Brawl!” For the Nintendo Wii

In our #3 spot, utilize the unique playing style of world famous Maria Sharapova or #1 ranked Roger Federer in "
SMASH COURT TENNIS 3" for the xbox 360


Whether you're a seasoned veteran or picking up the game for the first time you’ll love our #2 pick "MADDEN NFL 09" for Xbox,360,PSP,PS2&3, Wii, DS


As the cybernetic god baldur, players are thrust into the midst of an ongoing battle that threatens the existence of mankind. At #1 it’s “Too Human” for the 360.


Gamers, are you getting board of playing and beating the same games over and over? Well, head over to the games specialty store on and snag some new titles that will help you hone your skills and increase your game play!




AVerTV Hybrid Nano Express TV Tuner

Do you want to turn your PC into a TV? We have something really exciting to share with you today, the award winning AVerTV Hybrid Nano Express TV tuner. The AverTV Hybrid Nano Express, which allows users to enjoy Analog or High Definition TV, as well as FM Radio on their ExpressCard compatible laptop.


How does this product enhance the users’ experience? The AverTV Hybrid Nano Express has many functions. One is its mobility. You can watch all of your favorite shows, movies and sporting events in real-time on the road.


Through the uniquely designed antenna, (Flash up picture of the antenna or show) you can receive analog, digital HDTV or FM radio signals. You also have the ability to receive unencrypted "Clear" QAM digital cable TV signals directly to your laptop. And using Microsoft Media Center or Aver Media Center (which is included) you can avoid missing your favorite programs, through the PVR (Personal Video Recording) function, like  TIVO, you can  pause, schedule and record your favorite programs so you can watch them at your leisure. AVer Media Center has advanced real-time H.264 recording compression to reduce the amount of hard disk space needed for recording. So you as the users can even download and playback your recordings on your iPod, iPhone, PSP or any portable media player. It’s also Windows Vista Premium and Windows XP certified 32 and 64 bit, so it’s certified with Media Center. But, with the AverMedia Center, which is included in the package, you have all that you need to get started.


Oh, there are a lot of unique features about the AVerTV Hybrid Nano Express. First of all, the slim-fit design easily inserts completely into the Express Card slot, (Flash up photo or demonstrate) leaving no protrusion of the unit outside of the laptop totally without interfering with the use of adjacent ports. The great functionalities and stylish appearance earned it a CES 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering Award Winner in the Video Accessories category.


Secondly, the unique, foldable design of the powerful antenna with high reception capability , is more powerful than the traditional stand alone pull-up antenna. It also has a unique clip-on feature, which allows the user to clip the antenna to the laptop monitor for easy portability. In addition, it also comes with a feature we call “Aver Radio Gadgets” which allows the user to listen to FM radio on Window Vista side bar (Flash up screen shot of Aver Radio Gadgets) while working in other applications.


Also, the "invisible" AVerTV Hybrid Nano Express can play as a bridge between laptop and various AV devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or on any gaming console or camcorders via its unique dongle. Even better, it comes with the Vista Media Center Edition Video Gaming Plug-in solving the latency problem when playing video games on Vista Media Center.


Check out the AVerTV Hybrid Nano Express TV Tuner at!






ZEN X-FI and Other Hot Electronics You Must Check Out!

All you Creative Zen fans out there, Creative has just released the ZEN X-Fi with Wireless LAN that allows you to Stream and Download Music, Video and Photos from your PC over your Wireless Home Network. Be sure to check out the 8, 16 and 32 GB models on our site right now. Stay tuned to see what new gadgets made it onto our Countdown this time


10)  Designed for versatility and a range of features that enable professionals to deliver high-quality multimedia presentations. #10 is “the Epson PowerLite 77c Projector


9) At #9, a built-in speaker allows you to enjoy music without ear buds and have the ability to play and share songs via SD cards.  It’s the “Sandisk Sansa Shaker 


8) Have an iPod or other portable players? Get greater sound and enhanced bass with the “ER6i Isolator Earphones” at #8.


7) Wirelessly stream music, photos and videos from the PC to your television and stereo system with the “D-Link Wireless Media Player” at the #7 slot. 


6) Brilliant colors and sharp definition you have to see to believe. Make action-packed images much faster and smoother with the “Samsung 56” DLP” TVat #6.


5) Put a world of easy-to-use navigation and communication features at your fingertips. #5 is the ultra portable “GARMIN StreetPilot c550 Portable Navigator


4) With features designed to remove electrical noise and provide clear power, check out “PureAV Silver Series PF30 Home Theater Power Console” from Belkin in 4th.


3) Set your music free, as only JBL can do it.  The powerful high-performance sound system “JBL On Stage II” comes in at #3.


2) Browse your favorite channels with this color icon-based universal remote! Blending technology and convenience, the “Phillips Prestigo SRU8015” in 2nd


1) On or off, it’s a thing of beauty It’s “Samsung’s Touch of Color Series T220HD 22" widescreen LCD monitor. And it’s this weeks #1

Every time I finish the electronics TopTen Countdown, I have ten more items I need to add to my wish list. Seriously, how can anyone watch this countdown and not want to upgrade their electronics? offers the deals you’re looking for. We make it easy for you so all you have to do is pick and click!

Happy Shopping!